Study organisation

How do I plan my first semester?

Please inform yourself about the first semester as soon as you have completed the entrance exam procedure and have been admitted to the study programme. You can find all important information under the links in the study profiles of the respective subjects.

At the end of September / beginning of October, the Directorates of Studies (SPL) offer information events that introduce your studies and their organization (e.g. courses in the STEOP, tutorials, mentoring programmes, registration system,…)


Information about starting your studies

You can find more information about the start of higher education studies on this website.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Your teacher education studies consist of at least three parts (subject A, subject B or specialization, and the General Principles of Educational Sciences).

For questions about courses, registration and/or recognition of courses, please always contact the responsible Study Service Center (SSC) or Study Service Unit (SSS).

Subjects / General Principles of Educational Sciences / Specializationzuständige SSC/ SSS
Biology and Environmental Education; Home Economics and Nutrition

SSC Lebenswissenschaften

Bosnian/Croation/Serbian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Slovene, Czech

SSS Slawistik

Catholic Religion

SSC Katholische Theologie


SSC Chemie

Computer Science

SSC Informatik


SSS Englisch

EthicsSSC Philosophie

French, Italian, Spanish

SSS Romanistik
General Principles of Educational Sciences & pedagogical-practical studies (PPS); Inclusive EducationSSC Lehrer*innenbildung
Geography and Economical Education

SSC Geographie

GermanSSS Germanistik
Greek; Latin

SSS Klassische Philologie

History and Political EducationSSC Geschichte


SSS Finno-Ugristik

Mathematics; Descriptive Geometry

SSC Mathematik


SSC Physik

Protestant ReligionSSC Evangelische Theologie
Psychology and PhilosophySSC Philosophie

Sports and Physical Education

SSC Sportwissenschaft



Which examinations do I have to take during my studies?

The curriculum (study plan) specifies which exams you have to pass to successfully complete your degree programme. The courses offered are announced each semester in the course catalogue u:find. There are registration procedures for the courses and exams, which you have to adhere to in order to participate.

How much does it cost to study? Is there any financial support?

Depending on your nationality and the country of issue of your secondary-school leaving certificate, you have to pay a tuition fee per semester. If you are a EU/EEA citizens, you are exempt from tuition fees for the standard period of studies plus two tolerance semesters. After that, you will have to pay the tuition fee plus the Students’ Union fee for each additional semester. The tuition fee is currently € 363.36 per semester.

All students are members of the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) and can enlist the ÖH’s (advisory) services. The Students‘ Union fee (ÖH fee) has to be paid each semester.

All students are insured under a ASVG accident insurance which covers accidents in connection with their studies. Please note that students do not automatically have health/social insurance!

Many students are entitled to family/child allowances and/or study grants.